3D programming make sense! When it deals with huge data, it’s profoundly interesting too. 1074 Vectors (Ten Seven Four Vectors) , the interactive 3D graphics expertize, homes here.

We love the evolution of interactive 3D graphics. 3D programming always had a glorious fancy part and an engineering part. It’s been challenging to keep performance with required accuracy. How we balance the usage of memory to reduce repeated computing? When it mixes with distributed nature and capacity of the new generation head-end devices, it can be again challenging. Engineering always serves the purpose well, any artistic rendering will be neglected. But without a good combination of colors and effects a good software will not please users.

From Da-Vinci days itself, architecting plays an important role to beautify engineering for an artistic purpose. Architecting is not just engineering its very close to art.

We do business because of passion in 3D graphics. See business link…

All companies have weak part in their SWOT charts. Our point to mention is schedule constraints. We have strict privacy handling strategy to protect our customer’s intellectual interests. The side effect is we heavily depend on the people we have. So book your engagement period before hand. But always feel free to talk… we are happy to hear you.


Professional 3D is not a single aspect. These thoughts will definitely give you a new dimension.

Acquiring 3D

Stereoscopic imaging is the simple way to sense 3D. It is same as the way brain senses 3D from our eyes. All the one you need is two webcams with proper overlapped frustum. Correlate the same physical points on the two views that you get...

3D In Memory

Usually storing in memory is a challenge for professional 3D applications. What is the simple way is keep a set of points? Each with 3 position values. That is x,yand z. just a keep a list of points. It is the most natural way of memory representation. But this...

Challenges in 3D Editing

It was always been difficult to interact with 3D models on a computer screen as it is just a 2D space and the sense of depth is provided using the perspective display method. One can easily understand the movement of an object in the 2 directions...

3D Programming APIs

There are only a few options when it comes to programming in 3D. While Microsoft is promoting DirectX and Apple promoting Metal, there is a huge fan base for Open GL too which is an open specification driven by the Khronos group. Of course...

We welcome all challenge loving programmers.

Passion for 3D is our first criteria.

Then a sense in 3D. With a white board or piece of paper, it is hard to communicate 3D. We can only indicate by drawing. Difficult! Right?

You may be good in JS or openGL ES. We agree that you are an expert too. But in 1074 vectors, we love close-to-metal programming knowledge. We call it knowledge of system architecture, c programming knowledge, network stack knowledge, processor architecture or simply under-the-hood programming knowledge!

Be connected. We want you to learn seamlessly. Be abreast in technology.

Travel friendly? Good! not just flying and speaking; we want you to know and respect global cultures.

Finally the most important one: Trust…! We trust you and you can trust us. That is our commitment. If you are ready for that professional life based on mutual trust, you are welcome to join us.